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Are you wearing this helmet right?

2020-10-06 11:05:55 kujiadmin 177
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  At present, the public is paying more and more attention to travel safety. The concept of "requiring helmets for riding electric bikes" has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

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▲To ride an electric bicycle, you must wear a helmet correctly 

  According to statistics, about 80% of the deaths of motorcyclists and electric bicycle drivers are caused by head injury; relevant research shows that wearing safety helmets correctly can reduce the risk of death in traffic accidents by 60% to 70%. Therefore, the correct wearing of safety helmets when riding electric bicycles is very important to protect the safety of drivers and passengers.

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▲On the road, you must wear a helmet 

  At present, there is no clear national standard for electric bicycle helmets in China, and many kinds of helmets on the market will be used as electric bicycle helmets. The general public cannot judge whether the helmet can fully protect the head when riding. Some manufacturers and businesses have used unprotected helmets to make huge profits and disrupt the market. This is an extremely irresponsible behavior for public safety. In order to have standards to follow for electric vehicle helmets in the future, under the guidance of the China Cultural, Educational and Sporting Goods Association, relevant standards are under preparation. With nearly 30 years of helmet design and manufacturing experience, our company is in charge of writing this standard.

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▲How to choose a dazzling variety of helmets? 

  Do you know that the selling price of big-name helmets can be as high as thousands of yuan. With such a big price gap, what is the difference between products? A good helmet, from design and project approval, development and production, testing and certification, to the final market, each link needs to go through rigorous demonstration and evaluation, involving structural design, appearance design, material use, and passing standard tests for corresponding purposes. Meet the functional and psychological needs of consumers in various fields for helmet use. Domestic electric bicycle helmets are in a stage of rapid development, and related product safety standards need to be improved urgently. In order to make consumers buy electric bicycle helmets without detours, based on the insights accumulated in the design and manufacture of helmets in the past, our company hopes this article, Become an experience guide for purchasing electric bicycle helmets.

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▲The birth of an excellent helmet requires meticulous care from the beginning of the design 

  There are three main types of helmets currently sold in the market that have passed the test standards: industrial helmet standard (GB 2811), motorcycle helmet standard (GB 811), bicycle helmet standard (GB 24429). Among them, industrial helmets are mainly used to prevent falling objects from high altitude, and basically have no protective effect on collisions, so they are not suitable for electric bicycle helmets.

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▲The domestic motorcycle helmet and bicycle helmet standards have specific requirements for collision indicators 

  In the motorcycle helmet standard, there are two types of products: A products and B products. These products are generally larger and heavier. Among them, A products have very high requirements for collision and penetration resistance, and B products have requirements for collisions. It is relatively low. Although it can protect the head of the rider, it is actually not suitable for electric bicycles due to its bloated and heavy weight.

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▲Compared with motorcycle helmets, bicycle helmets are lighter


  The products under the existing bicycle helmet standards are relatively close to the use environment of electric bicycles. The product is relatively light, well ventilated, and comfortable to wear. The passed crash test standard is between the motorcycle helmet type A and B products, which can effectively protect the rider's head safety in the event of an accident.

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▲The bicycle helmet has good ventilation and air permeability, making it more comfortable to wear

  But bicycle helmets are not exactly equivalent to electric bicycle helmets. Riding electric bicycles often requires the use of goggles. Normal bicycle helmets do not come with goggles. In addition, considering the more complex and changeable environment in the city, there may be foreign objects around the road, which will pass through the holes in the helmet in the event of a crash, threatening the safety of the rider, so the helmet also has requirements for penetration resistance. This is not required in the existing bicycle helmet standards.

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▲A helmet that has passed rigorous tests can fully protect safety 

  An ideal electric bicycle helmet, in addition to meeting the basic requirements of sufficient safety protection, also needs to meet the needs of the rider in terms of functionality. The helmet has suitable weight and good ventilation to ensure wearing comfort; the raw materials used will not cause harm to the human body, and the content of harmful substances is controlled within the safety standard; the assembled goggles need to specify their transmittance, diopter, strength, etc. Requirements, and allow consumers to have a choice in indicators such as UV protection, anti-fog and wear resistance; to provide a reasonable price in the market under the premise of ensuring quality.

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▲Consumers also need diversified choices 

  At this stage, users can observe whether the helmet product has passed the motorcycle helmet standard or the bicycle helmet standard when choosing the electric bicycle helmet. The standard helmet is qualified in terms of safety protection. In addition, you can observe whether the helmet is rough in workmanship and whether the materials used are solid, which is also the basis for judging whether a certain helmet quality is online.

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▲ Lean production brings a leap in quality 

  I hope that wearing a helmet is not to cope with inspections, but to protect safety. Our company hopes to work with all walks of life to make the domestic electric bicycle helmet standard officially implemented, and to ensure that consumers buy electric bicycle helmets.

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